Within you is an inner voice

Full of wisdom and compassion.
The more you listen to it and trust it
The stronger it gets.

Welcome to My InnerVoice App

You long to lead

a life where you truly listen to and follow your inner voice, your deepest and most authentic self.

But it feels too hard.

You fear that your inner voice will only criticize you for failing to live up to what it wants for you.

Let My InnerVoice help

turn your inner voice into your most powerful friend and ally.

Like having a trusted guide and mentor always with you
My InnerVoice

offers you guided step-by-step psychological exercises called Innercizes designed and led by a master therapist to help you

Develop greater self-compassion
Reduce anxiety, stress and self-doubt
Get in touch with your own inner knowing
Learn to trust what you deeply know, feel and want inside you can begin taking the steps to lead the life you’re meant to live


"My life can get pretty hectic and demanding. My InnerVoice helps me disconnect from all my responsibilities for a moment and tend to my inner self. The innercizes are very soothing, yet they also strengthen and energize me. They validate that I know best what’s right for me. They help me find my balance again."

Dima Alashram

Sustainability & Social impact Advisor

Ann Weiser Cornell Photo cropped small

"Helene Brenner is an absolute genius at bringing the treasures of self-acceptance and self-exploration into our daily interactions. Her easy-to-follow “innercizes” are little gems that touch the heart and awaken the soul. The warm smile in her voice is healing in itself. And if you follow these gentle yet incisive exercises, you will find your life opening up and transforming for the better."

Ann Weiser Cornell

Founder and CEO, Focusing Resources

Juan Carlos Fayad headshot enhanced

"Everyone should be able to experience this journey of increased consciousness and self awareness…After following an innercize, I often feel relieved since it helps me to have a deep conversation with myself on things I keep postponing. That’s our meeting point as human beings."

Juan Carlos Fayad

Partnership Development Manager

Give yourself 5 minutes of time and space for self-nurturing and growth


Give yourself 5 minutes of time and space for self-nurturing and growth

My InnerVoice is based on the work psychologist Dr. Helene Brenner developed to help thousands of women feel better and improve their lives, which she wrote about in her book, I Know I'm in There Somewhere: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity. But many men find it's just as helpful to them. 

Are you ready to begin following your inner voice?


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